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A girl who loves you exhibits certain behaviors

How can I tell if a woman is in love with me?

When we start a relationship, it’s natural to have doubts about how the other person feels about us, and in most cases, words alone aren’t enough to trust and be clear that their feelings are genuine.

So, it’s true that the only thing that can show us true and sincere love is our life partner’s actions every day, as well as them demonstrating their emotions and feelings towards us.

If you’re unsure about your girlfriend’s feelings towards you, continue reading this article, where we’ll show you the keys to knowing whether a woman loves you.

In this article, we will answer the following questions:

1-How to know girl love me
2-A sign of a girl who loves me but hides it
3-Signs of true love from a girlfriend

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She spends time with you

One clear sign that tells you your girlfriend is in love with you is that she wants to spend her time alone with you and share many things about her life with you.

It doesn’t matter if she has a busy schedule and many commitments; if she genuinely has strong feelings for you, she’ll find time wherever she can and always be willing to plan with you and enjoy every minute you spend together.

She pays attention to your everyday events

She cares about you and everything that happens to you every day. While this may seem obvious in a normal relationship, the truth is that it’s a key indicator that she’s in love and loves you.

If she asks you how your day was, is interested in your work, friends, and family, and, most importantly, tries to help you solve and overcome any problems that concern you, it’s clear that her feelings for you are strong and genuine.


Trust is one of the fundamental pillars of any romantic relationship and something that helps maintain it over time.

While all couples may have jealousy or insecurity issues, if your partner is in love, they will trust you, convey their doubts and insecurities to you for resolution, believe in your words, and respond to you with Trust.

When mistrust becomes a feature of the couple’s everyday life, it signifies that something is not going well in the relationship, and both parties need to work on resolving misunderstandings in this regard.

Physical Contact

She expresses her love and feelings for you through physical affection. When a woman is in love with a man, this act doesn’t refer to sexual desire but also to the need for physical contact and the affectionate gestures she shows you daily.

If she feels the need to be close to you when you’re together, caresses you, kisses you, embraces you, and so on, without a doubt, she loves you and shares an extraordinary connection with you.

She defends you

In addition, a woman in love defends you at all times, which makes you feel good about yourself, boosts your self-esteem, and helps you feel valued. This doesn’t mean she won’t tell you things she doesn’t like about you, but if she genuinely loves you, she will accept you for who you are.

When all these signs align with reality, you can be sure that your girlfriend is in love with you. So, enjoy your relationship and show her how much you love her

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