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Signs that you can easily discover a man's interest in you

Signs that a man is sexually interested in you – Find out if he is attracted to you!

Have you ever wondered if the man you are interested in is sexually attracted to you? At googletopic, we help you find the answer. While it may not be difficult to understand in many cases, in others, it can be complicated, and the intentions or interests of the other person can be very subtle and inconsistent.

However, certain gestures and attitudes always occur naturally and unconsciously when someone is attracted to you, which can help us dispel all our doubts and confirm whether that interest exists or not.

Keep reading the following article to learn about the signs that indicate a man is sexually interested in you and finally clarify whether he is attracted to you or not.

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He constantly smiles at you

When you are around him, does he not stop smiling? And we’re not talking about a smile because you said or did something very funny or entertaining, but rather a genuine smile that appears on his face whenever he sees or crosses paths with you.

This is an uncontrollable gesture of happiness for him and undoubtedly shows how much he enjoys seeing you, how happy he is in your presence, and how sexually attracted he is to you.

Signs a man is sexually attracted to you

He can’t take his eyes off you!

He can’t stop looking at you! This is another clear sign that a man is sexually attracted to you. Controlling one’s gaze is very difficult, and if he’s attracted to you, he definitely can’t take his eyes off you and tries to maintain prolonged eye contact to see if he can establish a visual connection with you.

And if, in addition to this, you are close enough to him and you notice how the pupils of his eyes dilate, you can be sure that he likes you and wants something more than words to connect with you.

He touches his nose frequently

Although it may sound strange, a study published in the Royal Society Medicine journal stated that the nose is one of the body parts of a man that can indicate his sexual attraction to the woman in front of him. According to this study, a man’s nose is directly linked to his genitalia, a connection associated with producing pheromones that trigger sexual desire.

For all these reasons, if you are close to him and you see that he constantly touches his nose, this could be another sign of his attraction to you.

He speaks with a lower and more resounding voice when talking to you

Other studies have shown that when a man has sexual intentions towards a woman, he naturally changes his voice when speaking to her, adopting a lower and more masculine tone.

This happens spontaneously, and without realizing it, you alter your usual style to appear more attractive, demonstrate greater maturity, and attract the girl you’re very interested in.

He takes every opportunity to touch you

Suppose he tries to divide his personal space with you and initiates any physical contact between you as soon as the opportunity arises.

In that case, he is telling you that he likes you and is eager to have a more intimate connection with you. Whether he brushes your shoulder, touches your hair, caresses your face, or holds your waist, he will try to get closer to you in any way possible to experience that desired physical contact and show you that he is attracted to you.

He finds moments to be alone with you

It doesn’t matter if you’re at a party with friends or surrounded by a crowd at an event; if he is attracted to you and has a sexual interest in you, chances are he will seize any opportunity to get close to you and be alone with you.

He does this to have a more intimate connection with you, even if it’s just for a few minutes, and to express his intentions and interest in you.

When you’re talking…

Other signs indicate a man has a sexual interest in you, and you can notice them while talking to him, both enjoying a more intimate conversation. Pay attention to the following:

  • While talking, his feet are directly towards you, and the palms of his hands are facing upwards.
  • He constantly looks at your lips, unable to resist the thought of how much he wants to kiss them.
  • His hands are restless, touching nearby objects to control his nervousness.
  • He maintains a straight posture and directs his body towards you.
  • He bites or licks his lips.
  • He frequently runs his hand through his hair.
  • His hand is sweaty because he’s a bit nervous, and it may slightly tremble towards the end.

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