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How to chat with a man to make him fall in love with us and build a deep and lasting relationship

How to make a man fall in love with you on WhatsApp?

Social media platforms have become excellent environments for finding love, but can you trick a man on WhatsApp?

Can you mesmerize someone through messages? This program allows you to establish contact, flirt, have fun, and get to know that special person you want to conquer a bit better.

Take the initiative, reveal your boldest side, and take the first step to start a conversation that can change your love life. In the following, on Google Topic, we explain how to make a man fall in love with you on WhatsApp.

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Never reply immediately

If you want to take the initiative and lead the conversation according to your will, wait a while before responding to his messages. This way, he will realize that you don’t need his attention or are waiting for that message.
If you’re the first one to initiate contact, show some disinterest. Don’t do this every day; if he doesn’t immediately respond, don’t insist or look for more excuses to talk to him.

When figuring out how to tell if a guy likes you on WhatsApp, it’s about when he responds, not how he responds. If he doesn’t reply, it’s better to let him go.

How to get a guy attention on WhatsApp status

Use emojis carefully

Naturally, you need to learn how to start a conversation on WhatsApp because, ultimately, the first impressions matter.

That’s why we recommend speaking naturally and using emojis, an excellent tool for conveying what you might struggle to express with words.
It’s a great strategy to add fun and warmth to your messages so they come across as manageable. You infuse your conversations with a mix of text and expressive emojis. However, like everything, it’s best not to overuse them, as they might appear immature.

Write short messages and show interest

Write short messages, and don’t tire him with lengthy texts. You make reading enjoyable and grab his attention with short yet impactful sentences.

To start, put aside the most personal and emotional topics and focus on humor. You can delve into more personal or exciting subjects as you get to know him better.
Expressing interest is always effective if he has given you signs of mutual attraction. Send him signals to make him aware of your intentions.

Take the opportunity to tell him playfully, and if he engages in the game, you can add a bit of mischief to the conversation. Just be sure not to overdo it; let him want more.

Avoid talking about sorrows

If you want to capture the attention of a man or woman on WhatsApp, we advise against scaring them off with tales of your sorrows and problems right from the beginning.

Avoid discussing past failed relationships and other conflicts since the idea is to have a pleasant conversation.
Think of it as the first contact through a screen, and trust has yet to be established for you to completely open up and divulge everything without reservations.

Be interested in him and ask open questions

Some people tend to take center stage in conversations and are always waiting to be asked about their tastes, lives, and hobbies.

However, the interest must be mutual. Be interested in him and ask him questions about his life so that you have an interaction and the conversation is not a monologue.
Also, don’t limit yourself to asking yes or no questions to keep the conversation flowing. Keep the questions open-ended to allow him to start an exciting conversation.

Of course, this should also be considered the other way around. If these points are not observed, he will not show interest in your life; he will only talk about himself and remain very superficial in questions and expressions.

Do not ask for an explanation

You are getting to know each other, and your first contact is through WhatsApp; you are not his partner yet, and you are not confident enough to ask him for an explanation if he doesn’t answer or if a few days pass and he doesn’t say anything.

Refrain from sounding demanding, as this may cause you to be rejected.
If he doesn’t answer, don’t act angry immediately because he might not have time or be busy with other things. Let time send you the signals you need to know if a guy likes you.

Show yourself as you are

Nothing captivates more than a person being natural. Act with honesty. Show your funniest and friendliest side because these elements make you attractive and likable.

Don’t pretend to be someone else; just be yourself. It’s the best weapon to captivate anyone; show your best version. Likewise, we recommend being mindful of your profile and posting a picture representing your natural self.

Learn to say goodbye

If you find that he doesn’t show much interest, doesn’t respond to your messages, doesn’t laugh at your jokes or events, doesn’t make plans, or doesn’t always have an answer, learn to say goodbye.

Don’t try to attract someone who doesn’t value you or needs you to cover up their emotional flaws or boost their ego.
If you want to win over a guy, don’t be 100% satisfied. You need to stick to your goals, but make it clear that you don’t need anyone to be happy; you need yourself.

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