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Some techniques to start a conversation with your friend

How to talk to your friend💬

Have you ever cut off contact with a boy or girl and don’t know how to approach them again or come up with an excuse to talk to them? At Googletopic, we understand how challenging it can be to find the courage to speak to someone you like, and most importantly, we know that sometimes, finding conversation topics can be difficult.

Today, we want to make it easy by providing tips on talking to your crush. You’ll find recommendations for starting a conversation with that person, excuses to talk to them, and leads to having your first conversation quickly, naturally, and effectively. Take notes.

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How to talk to a friend about a problem

“How to talk to your friend for the first time?”

1-Seek help

If you share a class or common interest, ask for assistance or advice on a topic you know they excel in. This provides a perfect excuse to start a conversation and spend time together. If these study sessions occur regularly, you’ll gradually become friends and build trust.

2-Host a gathering

Talk to your friends, organize a party, and invite your crush along with their friends. Make sure to invite any mutual friends, as this increases the chances of their attendance.

3-Become a supporte

If your crush is involved in school sports, fan their team and attend their games. This allows you to get closer to them, share your opinions about the game, and show your admiration for their performance.

4-Create a chance encounter

If you know their class schedule or when they attend a particular activity, intentionally arrange a casual encounter and take advantage of the opportunity to break the ice and start a conversation. If you’re unsure what to say, you can use something classic like, “Hey! You’re in my science class,” or “I saw you at the game.

How to communicate with your friend through messages?

You’ve already obtained the phone number of your favorite guy or girl, but now the challenging part has come… how to chat with them on WhatsApp? Here are some straightforward tips to break the ice and make chatting with your friend through messages easier:

1-Avoid closed-ended questions

Once you’ve successfully initiated a WhatsApp conversation with your crush, try to expand it as much as possible. If you ask closed-ended questions like “Do you like coffee?” you risk getting simple “yes” or “no” answers. If all your questions are like this, the conversation will quickly run out of topics, and you might get nervous.

2-Create a question-and-answer game

A fun option to start a WhatsApp conversation is to initiate a playful question-and-answer match to help you get to know each other better.

3-Be yourself

Most importantly, be genuine. Please don’t pretend to be someone you’re not; your friend will eventually figure it out and feel deceived.

If you and your friend have already talked before and feel that there’s mutual interest and attraction, don’t hesitate to ask intriguing and unconventional questions that can make the conversation exciting.

An excuse to talk to your friend

1-Opinion on his favorite TV show

If you know that he is a fan of a TV series, seize the opportunity to discuss the latest episode or a scene that caught your attention. This can provide an excellent topic for conversation; make sure you’ve watched the show beforehand, or the conversation may end right there.

2-Comment on their social media posts

Follow them on social media and engage with their posts. This gives you a reason to initiate a conversation and provides information for future discussions.

3-Ask for someone’s contact information

A foolproof trick that never fails is requesting the contact information of a mutual acquaintance. This can be helpful if you need help starting a conversation with someone. Once you’ve successfully initiated an exchange, please take advantage of it and don’t hang up immediately; talk to them for a while.

4-Comment on their profile picture

If you notice that the person you’re interested in has changed their profile picture, use it as an opportunity to comment. If you’re shy about commenting on their appearance or attractiveness, focus on other aspects like the scenic background, if they’re with a pet, or mention something about their outfit.

These excuses can help you break the ice and initiate a conversation with your friend of interest.

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