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20 Ways to Surprise Your Boyfriend

How can we surprise our boyfriend🎁

Do you want to surprise your boyfriend and are you tired of ordinary gifts that everyone knows? We have prepared 20 ideas to surprise your boyfriend and experience moments of joy with him.

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An Exciting Activity

Do you want to surprise your boyfriend? We guarantee that with this plan, you can leave him speechless. The idea is to take your boyfriend to thrilling sports activities like bungee jumping, rafting, skydiving, or other extreme activities without him knowing beforehand.

However, please remember that we only recommend this activity if you and your boyfriend enjoy extreme sports and adrenaline-pumping experiences. Otherwise, the outcome could be disastrous.

A Change in Yourself

This is a perfect opportunity if you’ve been thinking about changing yourself for a while but have yet to decide. If the first thing that comes to mind is getting a haircut, go for it. Or if you’re daring and not afraid of changes, you can do something more daring, like cutting or dyeing your hair.

If you prefer subtle changes, you can opt for a manicure with trimmed nails, add highlights to your hair for a different look, or try eyelash extensions. Any noticeable change will grab his attention and surprise him. Just wait to tell him in advance; the change should be unexpected.

Revive Your First Date

If your anniversary is approaching, you can pleasantly surprise your boyfriend by recreating your first date. This is one of the anniversary ideas we find romantic because who wouldn’t get excited about reliving their first meeting with their love?

Pay attention to important details, like making reservations in advance. If your first date was at a restaurant, dress up exactly as you did that day, among other details. Try to make it as authentic to the memory as possible; the key to a great recreation is to take advantage of those tiny details. You’ll once again experience a magical evening full of excitement.

Introduce Sensual Love Games

Have you ever thought of incorporating sensual love games into your relationship? If this idea has crossed your mind, but you need help with how or when to execute it, here’s a chance to surprise your partner. You can start with an invention of your own or purchase an entertaining game from a sex shop.

Create a Photo Album

One of the ways to surprise your boyfriend that will leave you with a precious memory is to create a photo album. Having a professionally crafted, high-quality photo album is something you’ll cherish forever. You can choose a traditional studio album, do an artistic album with body paintings, or capture beautiful photos in a dreamy location like a forest, sunset at the beach, a lush green meadow with rivers, or other scenic landscapes. Once you have them, you can make a photo album or decorate your home with them.

Prepare a playlist

Prepare a playlist of songs that remind you of special moments in your relationship and send it to your partner via email or secretly leave a CD in their car. Let the music express your feelings and bring back beautiful memories.


Create your gymkhana game if you’re up for some fun and adventure. Leave clues around the city for your partner to solve, leading them to meaningful places in your relationship. Surprise them with a special gift or decorations at the final destination.

Special Breakfast

Surprise your boyfriend with a delicious and unique breakfast in bed. Prepare everything the night before, such as pancake batter or a homemade cake. If you can’t be together in the morning, order a surprise breakfast delivery from a company specializing in unique gifts. It’ll leave your boyfriend speechless.

Love Notes Everywhere

Leave love notes or thoughtful messages throughout your home for a less elaborate surprise. Please place them in places your partner frequents, such as the bathroom, closet, mirror, or kitchen. Make the notes romantic, funny, profound, simple, or spicy. It’s a simple yet heartfelt way to surprise your significant other.

Romantic travel

If you’re looking for something more extravagant, plan a romantic trip for the two of you. If your boyfriend has always wanted to visit a particular city or you haven’t had a weekend getaway together in a while, this is the perfect opportunity. Capture the surprise on your face throughout the entire trip.


Cinema has often shown scenes of couples enjoying a romantic picnic, and now it’s your time. Prepare a simple appetizer, meet your boyfriend at your chosen place, and get ready to capture his surprised face forever.


To surprise your boyfriend with an extraordinary gift that will leave him speechless all day, the ideal approach is to be spontaneous. Don’t plan anything. Meet him after work or school and try to spend an unforgettable day where everything you do is because you genuinely care, not because there’s a specific agenda.

Surprise Calls

If you’re someone who enjoys catching your boyfriend off guard with small details, how about making a call when he least expects it and simply telling him how much you love him? It will be a pleasant surprise for him if you call him at a time when talking on the phone isn’t usual.


If you’re creative and love crafts, you’ll enjoy this idea. It’s a collage different from the traditional ones that only include photos. We suggest creating a collage of memories where you include your photos, important dates with accompanying notes, phrases you’ve said to each other at a particular moment of affection, sentimental objects you’ve shared, and more.

Decorate it with craft elements like stickers, ribbons, or glitter so that your boyfriend has a personal keepsake of your love story.

Fulfill Fantasies

If you want to surprise your boyfriend in the bedroom, you can fulfill one of his fantasies. Perhaps the topic has come up before, and you’ve discussed your sexual desires. If not, initiate that conversation to gather the necessary information to leave him intrigued.


Who doesn’t love being pampered with a sensual massage by their partner, where they can relax and enjoy themselves? Your boyfriend would be delighted if you did this for him. Create a soothing ambiance with dimmed lights, play relaxing music, and light a candle for increased intimacy.

Give him a gift 🎁

If you’re a fan of classic gestures and prefer to surprise your boyfriend with a gift, you’ll find hundreds of blogs with gift ideas to amaze your boyfriend.

This is also a way to surprise your boyfriend on his birthday, in fact, one of the most common ones. Try to purchase the details considering his preferences, and don’t be influenced by your taste.

Romantic dinne🕯

And for the classics, we have ideas to surprise your partner, too, a classic that never fails: a romantic dinner. Just be careful and prepare the dinner yourself.

If cooking is not your thing, we have an alternative: order the feed from your favorite restaurant, but be mindful of the home decor and arrangement. This dinner is important because your boyfriend doesn’t expect it and realizes it’s something you’ve prepared or worked on to surprise him.

Things you love about him ❤️

We often assume that our life partner knows what we love about them or is aware of what we appreciate, but saying it doesn’t hurt; it shows them.

How about leaving dozens of notes around the house where you tell your boyfriend why you fell in love with him or what things you love about him? It’s the best way to create a sense of love and appreciation in him, something that drives guys crazy.

Dedicate a song to him 🎵

At a time, dedicating a song to radio programs was a trend. It was a primary way to show affection to someone and was mainly used as a birthday congratulation.

Since everything is coming back from the past, why not revive this good idea and surprise your boyfriend by dedicating a song to him on his favorite radio program? Just ensure it’s within a time frame when you can listen to it, for example, during a car ride or lunch break.

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