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How to manage our time in the best way?

Before starting this article, let me tell you a key sentence: You will never have enough time to do all your tasks, but you will have enough time to do your essential tasks.

In fact, the topic of discussing priorities is which tasks are your priority during the day so that you can manage your time better in your work.

The first thing you should pay attention to is the discussion of goals; if you have daily, monthly, and yearly plans for yourself, the discussion of time management will be worthwhile.

You have to have something to do to be able to manage time.It may have happened to you that on days when you have more work and things are more intensive, you do more than on days when you have less work.The first issue we should pay attention to is the discussion of your goals; what are your goals?

Don’t think of goals as weird; my goal might be that I plan to do these few things today.The next issue is whether you are motivated enough to achieve your goals So that you can manage time and finish things faster.The next issue is decision-making. You often doubt which is the best thing to do.Should I read a book or go shopping.

T technique

To implement this technique, a letter (T)
Draw on paper and write the advantages on one side of the T and the disadvantages on the other. Write the thing that you have to do, and you are hesitant to do this thing or that thing, one by one, next to T (outside T)

Example: You have three work and don’t know what to do. Start by writing down a series of positives and negatives for each task. Each task had more advantages, do it first,If two work have the same benefits, look at their disadvantages to see which one has less harm and do it, this technique will have a significant impact on your decision.

The next issue is the two opposing issues of procrastination and overwork or work addiction. The issue of procrastination is prevalent, and many of us suffer from it.I suggest you refer to the resources available on the Internet to reduce the severity of procrastination.

The discussion of overwork or occupational caution is when you work day and night, affecting your work efficiency.If you are going to work day and night, it doesn’t matter if you have time management. You will do your work anyway and waste many hours.Because what can be done in one hour will take 8 hours.

The next issue is the focus. The fact is that when there is no focus, no matter how much you use time management techniques, you will not get results. You use techniques to do things, but your mind jumps from one subject to another; for example, you read a page of a book and remember something else.To have better concentration, I suggest you do one of the following techniques:

1- The first technique: when you are doing something, for example, you are reading a book, have a piece of paper with you and write down every thought and idea that comes to your mind. This will help you focus, and the mental load of that thought will be quickly discharged because you wrote that thought down on paper.

2- The second technique:
During the day, when you have nothing to do, sit in silence for 2-10 minutes and let the thoughts that you have suppressed for a long time, both positive and negative, show themselves and pass through your mind; Write down those thoughts that are positive and skip the useless idea.

How to manage our time in the best way?

1- The first technique: it is a technique that Brian Tracy said in his book called (Swallow your frog) The main idea of this book is if you have to swallow a frog during the day, when should you do it?

Do you do at the end of the day that you’ve been going through the whole day thinking oh wow, now it’s time, and I have to swallow this frog.Do you do it at the end of the day where your whole day is like oh wow now is the time and I have to swallow this frog.

Do you do it at the end of the day and have it on your mind all day, or do you swallow the frog at the beginning and feel comfortable for the rest of the day?

2- The second technique is: Identify time thieves. In 2007, the US Bureau of Statistics published a statistic that every American adult spends an average of 66 days a year watching TV, 41 days listening to the radio, one-week spending on the Internet, one-week reading newspapers and one week listening to music.You should identify the daily tasks that waste your time and avoid unnecessary tasks as much as possible.

3- The next issue that makes you lose your time and focus and reduce work efficiency is the issue of open files in your mind. If you leave something unfinished and say that you will do it later, it does not matter if the work is necessary or unnecessary.

These are open files that take your focus and energy every moment. To solve this problem, you must write down the tasks and spend a day doing all the tasks on paper.

4- One of the strange time management techniques is not doing work on time.It may seem a bit strange at first, but if you think about it, you have probably said many times that I start a specific task at the beginning of the hour and finish it by a particular hour But it never happened that you start that work from the beginning of the clock.

To solve this problem, instead of starting work on time, start doing it a few minutes earlier. Example: You want to start reading a book at 11 o’clock; instead of starting at the beginning of the hour, you start reading a book 10 minutes earlier so that your mind is involved.

5- One of the other issues mentioned in the discussion of time management is the issue of the grey area.The grey area is when your mind is neither 100% focused on a subject nor 100% focused on that subject.

Example: While you are writing an article, you are watching a movie, which is called multitasking. This multitasking significantly reduces your efficiency and productivity and makes you spend more time doing that task. To solve this problem, I have two suggestions for you:

1- Get out of the grey zone: for example, you are going to read a book for an hour, Focus all your attention on the book, turn off your cell phone, lock the door and… remove disturbing objects from around you so you don’t get distracted.

2- The second thing you should do is focus on only one project or task at a time; your productivity is much higher when you do only one task than when you do several tasks.

6- The next issue is the issue of perfectionism. We all expect everything to be ready to start a job, and I’m telling you, that time never comes. Whenever you decide to do something, you find an obstacle that tells you to start another time until the conditions are ready.

Ask yourself the right time to do this; if not now, when is the right time?
If you want to read a book and you don’t feel like it, the best thing is to turn the pages of that book for a few minutes so that your mind is engaged in it.

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