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What steps should we take for a romantic relationship

What should we do to start a stable romantic relationship?

Starting a romantic relationship and entering a serious one can be very exciting for everyone. Still, if you have never been in a relationship, it may be challenging for you, not knowing what to say or do. You may feel a little stressed, and that’s completely normal. Therefore, in this article on the googletopic website, we will provide some tips on starting a relationship and turning it into a loving and stable one.

1- Get a gift for your partner

This is not only necessary for starting a relationship, but a 20-year relationship also needs it. Buying a gift for your partner shows that you remember them. Every time you go to the store, pick something that reminds you of them.

For example, their favorite chocolate or drink, a magazine they always read, or something they have wanted to buy for a while. The next time you see them, give them the gift and say, “I thought of you when I saw this.” You can prepare a few small gifts and keep them hidden. The next time your emotional partner has a bad day, give them one of these gifts to make them happy.

Do the best relationships start as friendships

2- Plan outings with each other

Keep your connection strong by going out and spending time together. Try to plan so that you go out at least one night a week. Take turns planning your outings so that you can choose some fun activities. Some entertaining activities could be:

1-Going for a picnic in the park
2-Spending a day at the beach or by the river
3-Watching a movie.
4-Visiting a zoo
5-Taking a walk in a tourist attraction

3- Increase your physical intimacy

Showing affection to each other will strengthen the bond of your romantic relationship. Over time, you will feel more comfortable with your life partner and may want to get closer to them.

However, take it slow and don’t jump directly into something like a sexual relationship. Rushing into a sexual relationship can hurt your relationship. So always respect your partner’s boundaries and hold their hand, hug them, or kiss them at appropriate times to show how much they mean to you.

4- Be explicit and honest

Deep conversations create a stronger connection and prevent misunderstandings. If you don’t let someone get to know you more at the beginning of a relationship, you can’t get closer to them. Let your life partner know what is going on in your life or your past.

Please talk about your hobbies, childhood, or teenage years, and don’t be afraid because it shows your spouse that you are comfortable with them. Also, remember that your life partner is not a mind reader. Unless you say something, they won’t know what you think or feel.

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5- Treat them the way you want to be treated

Respect your life partner and divide your time and opinions equally among what you want to do. Look at things from your life partner’s perspective to know how they feel better.

6- Celebrate their small and big successes

Whenever your life partner achieves something in work or anything else, sincerely congratulate them. Do something special to make their day and multiply their happiness. For example, tell them, “Darling, I’m proud of you. Let’s celebrate and go out for dinner.” Couples who celebrate with each other argue less and have more satisfying relationships.

7- Support your life partner

Just as you celebrate in happy moments, be there for your spouse when they have a terrible day and support them. Be a shoulder to cry on if they need it; talk to them if they’re willing. Listen to all their words or sit beside them to make them feel supported.

8- Apologize to them when you make a mistake

Everyone makes mistakes, so whenever you feel like you said something wrong or hurtful to your life partner, apologize honestly.

9- Resolve conflicts with each other

Having disagreements in a relationship is natural, so if a difficult conversation has happened between you, take a deep breath and gather your thoughts. Focus only on one issue. Clearly explain how you feel and what has caused this feeling in you. Discuss possible solutions and agree with each other. Use more “I” statements so your speech doesn’t sound accusatory.

10- Be yourself

Before starting a romantic relationship, you had a life and goals, so don’t change yourself completely, take care of your needs, and don’t put yourself under pressure.

11- Make time for your individual friends and hobbies

If you don’t want to feel exhausted from starting a romantic relationship, maintain your personal space. This is necessary for both of you. Set aside some time for “me time” alone. Try to allocate 50% of your time to your life partner, 30% to your friends, and 20% to being alone.

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