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18 tips for having strong willpower + exercises to increase willpower

Think about the following questions for a moment:

  • How many times have you intended to go for a walk, knowing that it would improve your mood, but laziness prevented you from doing so, and you ended up staying home watching TV instead?
  • How often have you tried to change your eating habits, quit smoking, or wake up earlier but lacked the willpower?
  • How often have you started something enthusiastically and excited, only to leave it unfinished?

If your answers disappoint, don’t be upset because you can improve your behavior with strong willpower.

Willpower is an inner strength that plays a role in decision-making, starting tasks, achieving goals, and overcoming laziness and procrastination.Willpower is an inner force that allows you to overcome all external obstacles.

Tips to increase willpower

1- Goal Setting: Clearly define the task you want to accomplish. Your goal should be specific, achievable, aligned with your abilities, and realistic. If your goal is too ambitious or beyond your capabilities, you will face difficulties that can lead to frustration and discouragement, ultimately preventing you from continuing the task. These negative experiences can create stress in you.

2- Recognize Your Abilities: Within you lies unique abilities and talents. Discover and utilize these abilities to achieve your goals.

3- Planning: Have a structured plan for all your tasks. When you wake up every day, prioritize your activities and commit yourself to accomplishing each. If you deviate from the plan, punish yourself, and if you succeed in executing each task, reward yourself.

4- Self-Talk: Every word from your mouth shapes your belief. When you say, “I am not smart,” you are condemning yourself and commanding the universe to bring negative experiences to you. Try to have positive self-talk during your internal conversations because your thoughts lay the foundation of your existence.

Change your attitude and mindset if you want to experience positive and great things in life. Remember that 90% of the good and bad changes in your life depend on your perspective toward life events, while only 10% are influenced by external circumstances. The problem with failed individuals is that they need to know they are just one step away from success.

The secret of my success is that every time I tried to open a door and failed, I tried again with strong willpower, telling myself that the hundredth attempt will open it.” – Edison

5- Gradual Strengthening of Willpower: To acquire firm willpower, it is necessary to understand its gradual nature and the need for practice. Only think that you can achieve it with effort. Therefore, pay attention to the following practical solutions and stick to them:

1- Exercise regularly for at least 20 minutes every morning at a specific time.
2- As soon as you wake up, immediately get out of bed, even if you feel sleepy. Go outside the room and do some stretching to get rid of drowsiness.
3- Make sure to complete tasks. Continue working on them until you achieve the desired outcome. Start with small steps.

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6- Identify the factors that weaken your willpower and take action to reduce them.

7- Believe that, like other humans, you are equipped with many capabilities and are no less than others. Do not underestimate yourself, and remember that a person’s strengths outweigh their weaknesses.

8- After consulting with experienced individuals, plan your life based on your capabilities and resources, and strive to stay within that plan.

9- Consider everything as easy, as all difficulties become accessible in the face of strong willpower. Approach seemingly complex tasks and convince yourself that you can make the right decisions in these matters and achieve the satisfaction of success in accomplishing them.

10- Avoid excessive sleep, overeating, and other activities that lead to laziness and weakened willpower, and do not let others make decisions for you.

11- Befriend those with a strong spirit and willpower so that your willpower also strengthens.

12- Remember your past right and valuable decisions and remind yourself that you are prepared to do important tasks like in the past.

13- Gradually build self-belief and capability by making easy decisions in simple tasks and making the path smooth for decision-making in complex and challenging matters.

14- Every night, evaluate the amount of progress you have made and try not to underestimate small tasks.

15- Sometimes, it is possible to feel discouraged, hopeless, and demotivated. Do not make any decisions or listen to your negative thoughts in these situations.

16- Never criticize yourself and maintain self-respect. Speak kindly to yourself, and if you have made a little progress throughout the day, say without belittling or criticizing, “Tomorrow, I will try to be better than today.”

17- Do not expect more than your abilities and avoid thinking in extremes (all or nothing) due to the relative nature of all matters in the world (negative and positive).

18- Read the biographies of successful people. Many of these individuals were unsuccessful at one point and did not even know how to read or write. But with perseverance and effort, they achieved great heights. We can be like them too.

Willpower Strengthening Exercises

Exercise 1: If you are sitting on a bus or train and see an older person entering, stand up and offer your seat to them. This exercise is to overcome your mental and emotional resistance.

Exercise 2: If dirty dishes in the kitchen sink need to be washed, but you tend to procrastinate and leave them, quickly get up and wash them. Don’t let laziness control you. When you act in this way, your willpower will be strengthened.

Exercise 3: When you come home and immediately head towards the television because you feel lazy and don’t want to shower, overcome this state of mind and shower first.

Exercise 4: If you always like to drink coffee or tea with sugar, practice for a week and drink your tea or coffee without sugar. And if you have a habit of consuming a lot of tea during the day, try to reduce it to two cups daily for 10 days. In this way, you can control your habits or change them.

Exercise 5: If you can use an elevator or stairs to go up, choose the stairs, as long as the number of floors is manageable.

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