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Decision-making for marriage requires research and study, and a premarital counselor emphasizes the importance of marriage to you.

Why do you need premarital research? What are the elements of premarital research?


Transparency and authenticity are the cornerstone of any sustainable relationship. Unfortunately, with the emergence of online dating and matchmaking websites, deception and hiding the truth from a life partner have become standard practices.

Aside from cases of online fraud in marriage, even in arranged marriages, there are numerous instances where significant secrets such as criminal records, substantial financial assets, or massive debts are revealed years after the union.Premarital surveys help validate the facts and information provided by respondents, ensuring that your potential partner has a clean background and is honest with you.

Before deciding on a lifelong commitment, you must be 100% certain about your life partner. The patterns of marriage have changed significantly since the late 1990s. Whereas families used to find the most suitable spouse within their social circles, finding a life partner through online dating and personal matchmaking websites has become more common.

Additionally, if a fraudster intends to deceive you, they will likely be very skilled, making it difficult to judge their malicious intentions towards you. These factors underscore the importance of employing a credit bureau to conduct premarital investigations.

Why do you need premarital research?

Facing this period of change, we are more susceptible to encountering various challenges than ever before. Some of these challenges include:

1- Providing inaccurate information

With the emergence of online dating websites, security has been compromised, exposing us to misleading information provided by our potential partners. The misleading information we are vulnerable to mainly includes the fact that our partner may have a second family, false details about their occupation or financial assets, and sometimes even a wholly fabricated identity. \

Typically, the objective of your future partner in providing false information is to exploit your valuable assets such as money, properties, jewelry, etc. If you have concerns about the behavior of your future spouse, researching before premarital can help prevent potential harm.

2-Hiding information based on incorrect assumptions

There are many cases where information is concealed based on incorrect assumptions. Hidden information may include criminal records, drug or alcohol addiction, high debts, etc. In most cases, keeping such information hidden jeopardizes the overall integrity of the relationship.

Over the long term, this information can put spouses at legal and financial risk. Therefore, knowing this information before committing to a relationship that could jeopardize your future is crucial. Conducting premarital research can help you examine potential future problems.

What are the elements of premarital research?

1-Correct identification of the research subject

Correct identification of the research subject is an important part of any pre-marriage investigation. Initial information about the respondent, such as name, age, occupation, place of residence, etc., is covered. In the era of matchmaking websites and online marriage, incorrect information about age, occupation, and identity is common.

2-Financial Status

Some individuals falsely claim their financial Status to attract others or demonstrate wealth within affluent families. In such situations, the individual pretends to be wealthy to gain acceptance from affluent families and take advantage of their money and resources. In premarital surveys, a comprehensive assessment of the individual’s financial situation is conducted to prevent future misuse of wealth.

3-Health Status

Checking potential partners’ health status is an important aspect of premarital surveys. Some individuals may provide false statements about underlying severe illnesses for fear of losing the relationship.

These health checks cover not only physical diseases but also mental illnesses. If a subject hides the fact that they have a severe mental illness, a private investigator can uncover it to have a clear picture of who they are committing to.

Bad habits such as alcohol consumption, smoking, gambling, etc., are another important aspect in premarital surveys, whether the respondent is a drug user or addicted to alcohol.

In an era where online dating is expected, individuals can easily hide their addiction and dependency issues from their life partners. Substance abuse or alcohol addiction often leads to highly detrimental relationships and even domestic violence. Premarital research can help prevent such incidents that can impact your future and married life.

4-Criminal Background Check

A thorough investigation of criminal behavior, imprisonment records, and legal offenses is an important part of pre-marital investigations. If the person under investigation has a criminal record and you are committed to marrying them, it can create significant problems for you. A private investigator can help you uncover any crimes you were unaware of regarding your life partner.

The process of premarital research

The research process before premarital varies depending on the specific needs of an individual client. However, there are a few common elements in every investigation. It starts with identifying respondents to determine whether they are truthful about who they claim to be.

A simple check of identification documents, such as a driver’s license, Aadhaar card, etc., is sufficient to verify their identity. Once identification information is available, it can be examined for aliases, criminal records, and previous debts.

If suspicious items are found in criminal records or debts, further external investigations can be conducted, and the daily activities of the person under investigation can be monitored.

The clients are immediately informed if the research reveals any truth regarding the person’s occupation, place of residence, past relationships, affairs, or illegal activities. Such extensive investigations can help you resolve conflicts and protect your family from harm.

Characteristics of good credit bureaus that do premarital research

1-Accurate Information: A good private investigator always provides the most accurate information, no matter how disappointing.

2-Protection of Client Confidentiality: A reputable investigative office never discloses confidential client information. Your identity will always remain protected, even after the completion of the investigations. This means that investigators do not reveal any information about the client during their investigations.

4-Limited requests for necessary research information: A good private investigator only requires minimal information about the research topic and thoroughly investigates the research’s merits.

Additionally, many detective agencies often try to overcharge you and convince you to spend money on investigative services that are optional to your needs. In contrast, a good detective agency guides you toward the right decision in your best interest.

In summary, marriage has always been a complex matter, and with the emergence of online matrimonial websites and a more individualistic approach to marriage, marrying someone with a complicated past

can potentially create long-term problems for you and your family. Therefore, conducting research before premarital through credit bureaus is a much better approach before committing to a lifelong partner.

Credit bureaus can examine your partner’s complete records and ensure that your life partner is not involved in any illegal activities or deceiving you solely for your wealth and family. You can confidently obtain the desired information by collaborating with a reputable credit bureau.

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