You are currently viewing 20 rumors that you have mistakenly thought until now have scientific truth!

20 rumors that you have mistakenly thought until now have scientific truth!

Electronic cigarettes are safe and harmless

Rumor content: Electronic cigarettes are not harmful to human health, and everyone can smoke them comfortably.
Interpretation of the truth: Electronic cigarettes are still cigarettes, and their associated harms cannot be ignored.
The main components of most e-cigarette liquids are nicotine, propylene glycol, glycerin, and other compounds that will be produced during heating.

These substances strongly stimulate the respiratory system, and some can deposit in the airways, exacerbating airway inflammation and even causing obstructive bronchitis.
Electronic cigarettes not only harm the respiratory system but also damage the cardiovascular, immune, and hematological systems of humans. Even a small amount of inhalation of electronic cigarettes can cause clinical symptoms of related damage.

After catching a cold, drink plenty of water to recover quickly

Rumor content: Drinking plenty of water after catching a cold can help you recover quickly. The belief is that drinking a lot of water can increase blood volume, dilute the concentration of viruses or bacteria, and aid in faster body recovery.

Interpretation of the truth: Drinking excessive amounts of water does not cure a cold and may lead to dehydration. When you have a cold, your body fights the virus with a fever, which causes significant fluid loss from the body and depletes electrolytes such as sodium and potassium.

If you only add a large amount of plain water during this time, it dilutes electrolytes like sodium and potassium. When sodium concentration in the body decreases excessively, individuals can experience dizziness and fatigue. At this point, the brain automatically sends signals to eliminate excess water from the body through urine, sweat, etc., to maintain the balance of electrolyte concentration in the body.

Therefore, you cannot just drink excessive amounts of water if you have a cold. While drinking water, you should also add sufficient electrolytes to help alleviate the cold symptoms.

Duck blood, pig blood, etc., can clean the lungs

Rumor content: In dusty weather, use more lung-cleansing foods such as duck blood, pig blood, and white mushrooms. These foods can eliminate inhaled dust.
Interpretation of the truth: Food has no scientific basis for cleansing the lungs, and there is currently no way to remove dust that enters the human body.

Eating rice causes weight gain

Rumor content: Eating rice causes weight gain, so if you want to lose weight, don’t eat rice; eat more pasta instead. Pasta takes time to make you fat.
Interpretation of the truth: Many studies have shown that a rice-rich diet negatively correlates with obesity. In contrast, a diet rich in wheat increases the risk of obesity.
Previously, a research team from the School of Public Health at Xi’an Jiaotong University used data from a multi-ethnic group of over 100,000 people in northwest China to find out that compared to individuals who prefer pasta, men who prefer rice as their main food have a lower risk of high fat and abdominal obesity. The risk of abdominal obesity is also lower in women who prefer rice as their main food.

Mother’s milk is not nutritious at 10 months old

Rumor content: Infants can be weaned off breast milk at 10 months because it is not nutritious, and it is better to refrain from breastfeeding.
Interpretation of the truth: This statement is highly exaggerated, and the absence of thick milk does not mean it is entirely devoid of nutrition.
Mother’s milk is divided into colostrum, transitional, mature, and late milk based on different stages. Colostrum is produced 4 to 5 days after childbirth or within a week after childbirth.

The amount of colostrum is relatively tiny, but its immunoglobulin content is the highest. Transitional milk is the mother’s milk from one week to 14 days after childbirth, and the fat content of milk is high in this cycle.

From 14 days to 10 months, the mother’s milk is matured, and with increasing age, the protein content mother’s milk gradually decreases. After 10 months, the mother’s milk diminishes, which is considered late milk with lower protein content.
However, a lower protein content does not mean that mother’s milk is not nutritious. Instead, the mother’s milk composition changes with the physiological maturity of the infant. At this time, mother’s milk is still the most suitable natural food for infants.

Smoking can prolong life because nicotine can have anti-aging effects

Interpretation of the truth: Smoking harms health and does not increase lifespan. Some users believe that nicotine can prevent aging and that smoking benefits health.

However, this perspective has only been confirmed in mouse experiments. Without human trial results, the demonstrated “effect” in animal experiments should approach with caution. Therefore, discussing smoking to improve signs of aging is somewhat unrealistic.

Furthermore, smoking can significantly accelerate skin aging, making smokers more susceptible to dryness, wrinkles, fine lines, and pigmentation.

Studies have shown that the degree of skin aging is also associated with the number and age of daily cigarette consumption. A 40-year-old heavy smoker may have facial skin aging and wrinkles equivalent to that of a 60-year-old individual.

Skipping breakfast can help with weight loss

Rumor content: Eat less breakfast or skip it altogether to consume fewer calories, which benefits weight loss.

Interpretation of the truth: On the contrary, skipping breakfast leads to hunger and individuals’ cravings for high-carbohydrate, high-fat, and high-energy foods, consuming more calories during lunch, dinner, and snacks.

Therefore, those who skip breakfast consume more calories and, as a result, gain weight compared to those who eat breakfast. Studies have shown that eating breakfast daily is more beneficial for weight control. Additionally, insisting on eating breakfast is a protective factor for maintaining a healthy weight compared to individuals who skip breakfast.

People who don’t eat breakfast are 23% more likely to be at risk of gaining 5 kilograms of weight over 10 years. Therefore, insisting on consuming an appropriate and balanced breakfast is nutritionally healthy.

During the recovery period of a new coronavirus infection, do not drink coffee

Rumor content: If you have been infected with the new coronavirus, you should not drink coffee because caffeine increases your heart rate and affects your recovery.
Interpretation of the truth: This is likely an excessive concern. After drinking coffee, your heart rate may increase, and blood pressure may rise slightly because caffeine can stimulate the release of norepinephrine from the sympathetic nerve endings and increase heart rate.

And it strengthens myocardial contraction. However, what is certain is that consuming moderate amounts of caffeine in coffee will not cause arrhythmia or other additional risks. So far, no study has shown that drinking coffee is detrimental to recovering from a new coronavirus infection.

abbits love carrots

nterpretation of the truth:This is a common misconception. Rabbits prefer young clo plants, leaves, and legumes over carrots. Additionally, carrots are a cultivated crop by humans, and wild rabbits do not have ample opportunities to eat carrots. Carrots also contain relatively high levels of sugar, which is not suitable for the digestive system of wild rabbits.

Domestic rabbits, being a domesticated species, share similar habits to wild rabbits. In the process of domesticating rabbits, as they cannot independently choose their diet when fed by humans and have broad dietary habits, they cannot reject carrots if provided. Furthermore, some literary and artistic works often associate rabbits with carrots, leading to widespread misunderstanding.

Drinking wine can often protect the heart

Drinking wine can protect the heart and be beneficial for its health. Interpretation of the truth: Resveratrol has a specific protective effect on the heart. However, most of the relevant research is limited to animal studies, and the optimal dose of resveratrol in human studies has yet to be confirmed.

Some studies have suggested that based on the effective dose of resveratrol for animals, the effective dose for humans is estimated to be 1 gram per day. However, some data indicate that the concentration of resveratrol in red wine ranges from 0. to 1. milligram per liter.

If you want to drink red wine to meet the daily intake of 1 gram of resveratrol, you would need to drink hundreds of bottles of red wine. Considering the adverse effects of alcohol on the human body, drinking resveratrol may be more harmful than beneficial.

Additionally, resveratrol is found in wine and grapes, apples, peanuts, almonds, and peanuts, so there is no need to consume alcohol.

The HPV vaccine can cause infertility

Interpretation of the truth: No conclusive evidence supports this claim. The World Health Organization’s Vaccine Safety Committee has summarized all the research findings on the HPV vaccine and infertility. It has concluded that the HPV vaccine is safe and has no causal relationship with ovarian failure or infertility.

Furthermore, HPV vaccines have undergone hundreds of thousands of clinical trials before being introduced to the market, and adverse reactions after vaccination, including fever, headache, nausea, and injection site reactions (local pain, redness, itching, swelling, muscle pain, etc.), are common and not specific. These side effects are similar to those of standard vaccines.

In summary, the safety of the HPV vaccine is guaranteed, and HPV vaccination will not cause infertility.

Being a vegetarian does not directly cause fatty liver

Rumor content: Fatty liver results from obesity, and as long as individuals follow a vegetarian diet and lose weight, they will not develop fatty liver.
Interpretation of the truth: Individuals who have been vegetarians for a long time may suffer from malnutrition and excessive weight loss, potentially leading to fatty liver.

Fat metabolism and its transport between the liver and blood requires apolipoprotein as a “transport tool.” During malnutrition, especially when protein intake is insufficient, there is a lack of sufficient apolipoprotein in the body, and the liver cannot effectively transport excess fat out, leading to the accumulation of fat within the liver and the development of fatty liver.

To treat back pain, it is important to use a firm mattress for sleeping

Interpretation of the truth:Whether our body is straight or curved, it does not align with the physiological curve of the body, regardless of whether it is a wooden bed or a very soft mattress.

Therefore, the solution for relieving back pain should involve replacing a soft and plush mattress with a firm one so that the body can fully align with the surface of the mattress and minimize spinal misalignment. Additionally, back pain may also be due to an injury and should be examined promptly.

Radiation exposure can cause the loss of nutrients in food

Rumor content: Radiation can harm nutrition in food. Interpretation of the truth: Radiation has strong penetrating power, and low radiation doses do not cause any change in the temperature of the food, so studies have shown that proteins, essential amino acids, carbohydrates, and fats are relatively stable.

Food materials before and after radiation, minerals, and trace elements remain essentially unchanged. However, the stability of vitamins is relatively weak. Vitamins A, B1, C, and E are relatively sensitive to radiation and are easily decomposed, but these vitamins have less resistance to heat.

4 Therefore, compared with thermal sterilization, vitamins in food are preserved better under radiation. In general, food irradiation technology does not threaten food safety or compromise the taste and nutritional value of the food itself, so there is no need to talk about “radiation” color change!

Drink eight glasses of water a day

Rumor content: Drink eight glasses of water daily as people produce toxins daily, so drinking eight glasses of water is necessary for detoxification.”

Interpretation of the truth: “Dietary guidelines for Chinese residents (2022)” recommend that in mild weather conditions, adult men with low physical activity should drink 1700 milliliters of water daily, and adult women should drink 1500 milliliters daily.

If calculated in a 300-milliliter cup, men would drink about 6 cups of water daily, and adult women would drink 5 cups of water per day. Therefore, the reminder to “drink eight glasses of water” is inaccurate; it depends on the size of our cups.

Additionally, please do not drink too much or too little water, as it can easily lead to water poisoning, known as hyponatremia. The kidneys produce approximately 1 liter of urine per hour. Drinking excessive amounts can lead to water poisoning due to impaired metabolism.

Therefore, there is no need to stick to a specific number of cups; drinking multiple times in small and slow amounts is beneficial.

If you stay at home, you will not suffer from heatstroke

Rumor content: As the name suggests, heatstroke refers to sunlight exposure, so staying at home is good. Interpretation of the truth: Heatstroke refers to severe heatstroke. The human body’s regulatory function is out of balance in an environment with high temperature and humidity.

Heat production exceeds heat loss, which may increase core temperature and cause heatstroke, which does not necessarily require exposure to sunlight. Heatstroke is very dangerous and can be fatal. For example, a 71-year-old patient recently had a fever above 40.5 degrees Celsius due to not using a fan or air conditioner to cool down at home.

Suppose the living environment is crowded or lacks proper ventilation. In that case, heatstroke can also occur, especially in older adults, pregnant women, weak individuals, or those with chronic illnesses who are more susceptible to this condition.

Women smoke less, so they don’t need to worry about lung cancer

Content rumor: Smoking is closely related to lung cancer, and women smoke less, so don’t worry too much about lung cancer.

Interpretation of the truth: Women are at risk of lung cancer even if they don’t smoke. The British Medical Journal (BMJ) published an analysis of the causes of millions of deaths in China: among those who died from lung cancer in China, 82% were men and smokers, but 61% of women’s deaths from lung cancer were non-smokers.

In rural areas with few female smokers, nearly 80% of women who died from lung cancer were non-smokers. The leading causes of lung cancer in women include genetics, air pollution, and other factors. Secondhand smoke and kitchen smoke are highly harmful carcinogens and should not be ignored easily.

The more stretching you do after exercise, the better

Content rumor: Doing stretching exercises after exercise helps relax the muscles, and the more you stretch, the better
Interpretation of the truth: Prolonged stretching not only does not yield better results but also increases the risk of overstretching. Studies have shown that stretching for more than half an hour compared to 10-minute stretches has no significant benefits; on the contrary, it increases the risk of excessive joint and ligament strain due to prolonged stretching. Typically, after exercise, perform each stretching movement for 30 to 60 seconds, 2-1 times, and the total stretching time for different movements is about 10 minutes.

Women who have experienced fertility do not need much attention to prenatal examinations

Rumor content: Women who have experienced childbirth have become physically and mentally adaptable, and getting pregnant and giving birth again without extensive examinations is easier. Interpretation of the truth: Pregnancy poses significant challenges to women’s bodies, and the risk of various complications also increases with age.

Additionally, even if the previous childbirth went well, new problems may arise in subsequent pregnancies and deliveries, increasing the risk factor. Furthermore, with increasing age, the difficulty of pregnancy gradually increases, so it is better to undergo initial checks before getting pregnant.

Drinking water from an electric kettle may cause heavy metals to exceed the standard limit

Rumor content: The electric kettle is made of metal, heavy metals enter the water, and if you drink it daily, you will get sick. Interpretation of the truth: Some unscrupulous businesses use manganese steel to make electric kettles to save costs. Drinking water boiled by these electric kettles for a long time may cause heavy metals to exceed the standard limit.

Therefore, when choosing an electric kettle, be sure to choose a regular brand; at the same time, do not use it for heating acidic food for a long time, and do not wash it with solid alkaline or oxidizing chemicals.

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