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Everything you need to know about ChatGPT is explained in this post

30 questions about ChatGPT that you should ask yourself

What is ChatGPT

ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence system designed to answer user questions and engage in conversations with them. It uses the Transformer language model to generate meaningful and natural responses. The system provides appropriate responses using AI algorithms based on the user’s query.
Initially launched by OpenAI as a solution for answering user queries, ChatGPT has become a popular tool for various applications, from customer service to educational purposes.

Everything you need to know about ChatGPT is explained in this post

1- What is the primary purpose of ChatGPT

If you ask, what is the essential purpose of the ChatGPT ? We must say that the answer to every question about which there is text information on the Internet. These goals include gathering, producing textual content, translating, summarizing, answering questions, completing and developing online dictionaries, etc.

2-Some of the features of ChatGPT include

A- Having over 175 billion parameters, making it one of the most significant languages AI models.
B- Being pre-trained with advanced algorithms.
C- The ability to perform multiple tasks simultaneously.
D- High speed and near-instant responses.

3-Advantages of ChatGPT

A-ChatGPT has a deep understanding of programming languages.
B-This bot can quickly solve coding problems.
C-This bot can perform some mathematical proofs.
D-The possibility of having a flawless and natural conversation with ChatGPT AI is provided.
E-Using ChatGPT is currently free of charge when writing this report.
F-It can be used as an AI assistant to facilitate content production.
G-Generate text-based content
H-Solving mathematical equations
I-Writing blog posts
J-Searching for information

4- Disadvantages of ChatGPT

A- Sometimes the answers provided by ChatGPT are incorrect, but its language is so convincing that the user may not realize it. Depending on the user’s level of knowledge, it may be difficult to detect this issue.
B- If you use ChatGPT too much, you will notice specific patterns and phrases that are repeated, which can result in repetitive content.
C- Occasionally, ChatGPT may get stuck and not know how to respond to your question, but interestingly, it can produce an answer simply by changing one or two words in your question.
D- Currently, using ChatGPT is free, which encourages frequent usage, but users may have to wait for up to four hours.

5-History of ChatGPT development

The leading developer of ChatGPT is a company called OpenAI, which was founded in 2015 by Elon Musk, the owner of Tesla and SpaceX, Sam Altman, Greg Brockman, Ilya Sutskever, and Wojciech Zaremba. OpenAI is located in San Francisco, USA.
Currently, Sam Altman is the CEO of OpenAI. He is an American investor, entrepreneur, and programmer born in 1985. Like many other well-known figures in the technology world, Altman dropped out of his studies at a prestigious university such as Stanford.
OpenAI describes itself as an artificial intelligence research organization. The company introduced ChatGPT in 2018 and unveiled it in late 2022. Since 2019, OpenAI has been using an infrastructure called Azure, supported by Microsoft and Nvidia graphics processors. As of the writing of this article, the most advanced version of ChatGPT uses the Chat4 model, known commercially as ChatGPT Plus.

6- Registering for ChatGPT

Registering for ChatGPT and OpenAI’s website is the first step you need to take to use this program. The steps are as follows:
A- Go to the website.
B- Click on the Sign-up option.
C- Enter your email address. Of course, if you have a Gmail or Microsoft account, you can proceed to the next step by clicking on the Continue with Google or Continue with Microsoft Account options.
D- Choose your password.
E- Enter your first and last name.
F- Go to your email account and open the email sent by OpenAI. Click on the Verify Email Address option to verify your email.
G- You will be asked for a phone number in this step. The purpose of this is to increase the security of your account. After entering your mobile phone number, click on the Send Code option.
H- Enter the code sent to your mobile into the relevant field.
I- To use ChatGPT, you must read the rules of the OpenAI website and agree to them by clicking on the Next and Done options.
J- Your ChatGPT account has been created.
K- Sometimes, the OpenAI website may not open due to network traffic. In these cases, you will encounter the message “OpenAI is at capacity.” In this case, wait a few minutes and reopen the website. Also, the steps mentioned are for using the accessible version of ChatGPT. Using the ChatGPT Plus version, which has more features and speed, requires payment, which at the time of writing this article will be $20 per month.

7-The addresses of 10 free websites similar to ChatGPT are as follows

Frequently Asked Questions about ChatGPT

1- Is it possible to translate the text with ChatGPT?

Yes, with ChatGPT, it is possible to translate written text into the world’s most important languages to each other. These languages include:

2-Where does ChatGPT receive its data from?

By default, ChatGPT receives its training and algorithm development data from a public dataset readily available to the general public. This dataset includes various texts and articles from diverse sources such as websites, social media, public databases, and more.

3-Will ChatGPT replace Google?

ChatGPT and Google are two different services with different goals and applications, so ChatGPTs will not replace Google in the future.
Both services work in different ways. Google is a powerful search engine with features such as voice search, image search, and video content search. While ChatGPTs are known as an AI-powered chat systems with automatic response capabilities.
Both services can be used simultaneously, but each has a different role in society and adequately meets the diverse needs of users. Therefore, it cannot be said that ChatGPTs will replace Google in the future

4-Why does ChatGPT sometimes fail to work?

A-Technical issues: ChatGPT service may face technical issues that prevent it from working correctly. This problem may be due to server malfunctions, network disruptions, programming issues, etc.
B-Internet connection problems: If your internet connection is weak or disconnected, ChatGPT cannot function properly.
C-Web browser issues: There may be problems with your web browser that cause ChatGPT to become blocked. In this case, you can update your web browser and try again.
D-Some ad blockers: Some ad blockers may cause ChatGPT to become blocked. In this case, you can turn off some extensions, such as AdBlocker, and try again.
E-Device issues: Some issues may be due to problems with your device. In this case, you must check your device and fix any issues.

5-Who are the competitors of ChatGPT?

A- Intercom: One of ChatGPT’s powerful competitors that allow users to chat with their customers in real-time.
B-Zendesk Chat: Another ChatGPT competitor that enables users to chat with their customers while visiting the website.
C-LiveChat: The next ChatGPT rival is LiveChat, which allows users to chat with their customers in real time. A new ChatGPT competitor that allows users to chat with their customers while visiting the website.
E- Drift: Another ChatGPT competitor that allows its users to chat with their customers in real time.

6-How many users does ChatGPT have?

With the extensive coverage of ChatGPT, its subscribers can be individuals and organizations in various industries who need an intelligent algorithm to answer their questions.

7- What is the difference between ChatGPT and chatbots?

ChatGPT and chatbots are designed to answer users’ questions and provide services in a chat environment. However, the main difference between them lies in their method of operation and the level of artificial intelligence used in them.
Generally, chatbots use simpler algorithms than ChatGPT. These algorithms are usually designed to answer specific and limited questions. Chatbots also typically use menu options and a few commands to answer user questions.
In contrast, ChatGPTs use deep neural networks and natural language processing techniques to understand and interpret user input and interact with them interactively and naturally in a chat environment. Due to the use of advanced artificial intelligence technology, ChatGPT can answer more complex and extensive questions.
Therefore, while chatbots are generally designed to answer simple and limited questions, ChatGPT can interact naturally with users and answer more complex and extensive questions.

8-Is it possible to misuse the ChatGPT?

Yes, the most significant danger of ChatGPT is its ability to generate phishing emails and spam. Although ChatGPT is trained not to be misused by hackers, ultimately, these cyber attackers and scammers can use these bots to create phishing emails.

9-Which ChatGPT programs are free?

Many ChatGPT services are not free, and some of them require payment. However, some of the following services provide limitations on usage for free users:
A-DialoGPT: A ChatGPT service with extensive coverage of various topics. DialoGPT is one of OpenAI’s tools that includes the implementation of GPT-3. However, you need to purchase a subscription to use it.
B-InferKit: A ChatGPT service that generates text, answers questions, and translates text. InferKit allows free users to use up to 1000 characters per month.
C-Hugging Face: A ChatGPT service that can use pre-trained models. Hugging Face is free and requires registration on the website to use it.
D-ChattyPeople: A chatbot-building service available to both free and paid users. The free version of this service allows your bot to provide simple and limited responses to users.
It should be noted that some of these services limit free usage and require payment to access more features and unrestricted use.

10-Is ChatGPT free?

No, unfortunately, ChatGPT is a commercial system and requires payment to access. To access ChatGPT, you need to contact OpenAI, sign a contract with them, and pay the associated fees. The cost of using ChatGPT may vary depending on the type and volume of your usage and the purpose for which you are using it.

11-Will ChatGPT replace programmers?

No, ChatGPT cannot wholly replace programmers. ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence system designed for natural language processing (NLP) and answering user questions. This system can produce logical and contextually appropriate outputs based on an input text.

12- Why does ChatGPT require a phone number?

You need a mobile phone number to use some of the ChatGPT platforms. This is because ChatGPT seeks to provide enough information about its users to offer better services. With a mobile phone number, you can register as a unique identifier in the system and easily manage all your account information.
Additionally, the mobile phone number is used to verify user identity. Before accessing your account, you must verify your mobile phone number to use ChatGPT services. This security measure helps identify and authenticate users correctly in the system.
Overall, having a mobile phone number as a unique identifier for the user in the registration system can lead to better services at ChatGPT and be very useful for increasing security and creating loyal users.

13- Will ChatGPT always be free?

ChatGPTs are usually available to users for free. However, in the future, some ChatGPTs may become commercial and available to users at a cost.
In recent years, we have witnessed the growth and development of the online space and communication via the internet and related applications. With the rapid growth of technology and the various needs of users, companies that provide the ChatGPT platform may seek ways to generate more revenue.
Therefore, it is not certain that ChatGPTs will always remain free. However, some ChatGPTs may remain available to users for free, while others may require payment. Additionally, offering features such as subscription upgrades and more advanced capabilities may attract the attention of providers who may charge users.

14- Does ChatGPT learn from users?

ChatGPTs can learn from users through artificial intelligence algorithms and natural language processing. Unlike traditional response systems that provide fixed and unchanging answers to questions, ChatGPTs learn and improve themselves based on users’ responses.
In other words, when users interact with ChatGPTs and answer their questions, ChatGPTs record these responses for learning and improvement purposes. Over time, with more interaction with users, ChatGPTs can better respond to queries and increase the accuracy and quality of their responses.
Given that ChatGPTs operate through complex and specialized artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, they require a large amount of data for learning. Therefore, ChatGPTs that can learn are currently used for specific areas such as customer support.

15-Does ChatGPT save our chats?

Yes, ChatGPTs may save user chats. This depends on the settings of the specific ChatGPT.
Some ChatGPTs may save user chats from analyzing and studying them. Keeping these chats aims to improve the quality of ChatGPT responses and enhance their learning process. Additionally, saving chats may help evaluate the performance of ChatGPTs and strengthen support services.
It should be noted that if ChatGPTs do save user chats, privacy protection must be respected. For example, sensitive user information such as banking details or passwords should not be stored in ChatGPTs. Whether user chats are saved depends on the privacy protection policies of the specific ChatGPT.

16-Does ChatGPT have literary theft?

Research shows that ChatGPT can produce text very similar to human-written text due to advanced deep learning technologies and neural networks. However, while ChatGPT aids in text generation, it should be noted that it cannot still understand human thought processes and respond to moral and legal issues such as literary theft. Therefore, ChatGPT cannot be compared to a morally and socially ethical human being.

17- What are the things that ChatGPT cannot do?

Due to the use of artificial intelligence and deep learning technologies, ChatGPT can generate very similar text to human-written text. However, ChatGPT cannot fully understand human thought processes and respond to ethical and legal issues. Therefore, in general, ChatGPT cannot:
A- Answer medical and treatment questions
B- Provide legal advice
C- Diagnose diseases and treat them
D- Perform morally questionable tasks that contradict human values, such as theft, fraudulent advertising, etc.
E-Answer questions that should not be answered for security reasons, such as passwords or other sensitive information.
In general, ChatGPT cannot perform tasks that require a complete and accurate understanding of a specific topic.

18-How does ChatGPT change the world?

ChatGPTs, with their artificial intelligence and natural language processing capabilities, are widely used in many fields. As a result, they can bring about various changes in the world. Below are some examples of the uses of ChatGPTs:
A-Customer support: ChatGPTs in customer support systems help companies respond more effectively and efficiently to their customers’ needs.
B- Market research: ChatGPTs can help companies leverage customer perspectives in their market research and use the results to improve their products or services.
C-Medicine: ChatGPTs can play an important role in the medical field and be used for various purposes, including disease diagnosis and answering patient questions.
D-Education: ChatGPTs can play a significant role in education and be a teaching tool.
E-Mental health: ChatGPTs can also help in mental health and be used as a psychological support tool.
F- Banking services: ChatGPTs can be used to answer customers’ questions and resolve their issues.
With their artificial intelligence and natural language processing capabilities, ChatGPTs can bring about various changes in many fields and provide better services to users.

19-Does ChatGPT have word limitations?

ChatGPT, using natural language processing algorithms, has no limitations in using words. In other words, if a user mentions a specific word to ChatGPT, it can understand and respond.
However, it should be noted that ChatGPTs may be more interested in certain words due to the type of language used and combinations, and to answer questions, they may use words or phrases that they think have a better chance of understanding the topic. In some cases, ChatGPTs may face problems due to terms with multiple meanings or words stuck together in their sentences.
Therefore, ChatGPTs generally do not have word limitations, but it depends on the correct use and application of words and phrases.

20-Can ChatGPT write a book?

Yes, using natural language processing algorithms, ChatGPT can write a book and provide appropriate responses.

21- Are ChatGPT responses unique?

Yes, using artificial intelligence and natural language processing algorithms makes many ChatGPT responses unique. Generally, ChatGPTs use AI algorithms to provide the best possible answers to user questions.
These algorithms automatically provide answers based on the data they receive from the user, which is the best possible answer. Although AI algorithms are highly scalable and can improve with technological growth in the future, currently, the answers provided by ChatGPTs are generally acceptable and provided in unique ways.
In addition, ChatGPTs may respond to each user’s needs and requirements customized based on the data they receive from the user. Generally, natural language processing algorithms strive to provide unique and customized responses, which helps ChatGPTs achieve more suitable answers for users.

22-Will ChatGPT replace jobs?

Although ChatGPTs and chat-based AI systems are used in many fields, it is unlikely that they will entirely replace human jobs and activities.
ChatGPTs can assist in various areas, such as customer support, healthcare services, technical support, etc. Still, in professions that require human interaction, ChatGPTs will not be a suitable replacement for humans. Additionally, ChatGPTs need to have the opportunity to create relationships with humans or directly communicate with customers.
Therefore, ChatGPTs and AI systems help provide better services and increase efficiency in many areas, but they cannot replace all human jobs and activities.

23-Is ChatGPT available on iPhone?

Yes, ChatGPT is available as an AI chatbot and conversation simulator in some mobile applications for iOS. Various apps for ChatGPT are available for iPhones that you can use.
Additionally, some API implementations of ChatGPT are available for iOS apps, which you can use to incorporate ChatGPT’s features into your iOS app.
To access ChatGPT apps for iPhone, you can visit the App Store and search for the name of the app you’re interested in. If you want to use ChatGPT API for implementation in your iOS app, you can visit sites like GitHub and CocoaPods and search for relevant libraries.

24- Why is ChatGPT bad for students?

As is often the case, ChatGPT can be bad for students. Some reasons include:
A- Providing inaccurate information: ChatGPTs are often optimized to answer simple and limited questions and only sometimes clarify whether the information they provide is correct. As a result, students may need access to valuable and accurate information.
B-Inability to answer complex questions: ChatGPTs are typically designed to answer simple and limited queries and cannot answer difficult questions. As a result, students may feel helpless when faced with complex questions that require precise answers.
C-Inability to provide comprehensive explanations: ChatGPTs cannot provide complete answers to educational issues. In other words, they cannot describe concepts or complex issues. As a result, students may need help understanding educational topics.
D-Losing human interaction: Using ChatGPTs, students are deprived of human interaction, which can lead to lost opportunities for learning from interacting with others.
Therefore, ChatGPTs should be used as something other than a complementary tool for teaching and learning in schools. Students will benefit more from traditional teaching and learning methods, including classroom and human interaction.

25- Why should ChatGPT be stopped?

It shouldn’t be stated that all ChatGPTs should be stopped, but some ChatGPTs may need to be stopped for various reasons. Some reasons include:
A- Providing inaccurate information: Some ChatGPTs may provide incorrect and false information to users, harming their health and well-being.
B-Inability to answer complex questions: ChatGPTs cannot usually answer complex questions and, therefore, cannot help users effectively.
C- Lack of human communication ability: ChatGPTs cannot directly communicate with humans and therefore need to solve users’ problems completely.
D- Losing human interaction: Using ChatGPTs, users are deprived of human interaction, leading to missed opportunities for learning from interactions with others.
E-Privacy violation: Some ChatGPTs may transfer users’ personal information to others, sometimes leading to a breach of users’ privacy.
Therefore, if ChatGPT is causing harm to users for any reason, it should be stopped promptly. It is better to use other solutions, such as communicating with real counselors and experts, to solve problems.

26-Can ChatGPT write code?

Yes, ChatGPT can write code. ChatGPTs can develop and write code using programming languages and software development tools such as Node.js, Python, Ruby, etc.
Some companies and developers use these tools, artificial intelligence algorithms, and natural language processing to develop their ChatGPTs. This includes major companies such as OpenAI, Google, Microsoft, etc.
For example, using development tools in Python, such as Django and Flask, one can develop ChatGPTs with applications in many fields, such as e-commerce, online support, online therapy, etc.
Similarly, with other programming languages, it is also possible to develop ChatGPTs. In general, developers can create and write code for ChatGPTs.

27-Can ChatGPT solve math problems?

Yes, with ChatGPT, you can solve some math problems that require quick and accurate answers. However, depending on the implementation and development of ChatGPT and the use of artificial intelligence algorithms in it, accuracy and efficiency can vary.
Many ChatGPTs can quickly solve simple mathematical questions like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Also, some more advanced ChatGPTs, using pattern recognition and machine learning algorithms, can answer more complex questions such as differential calculus, integration, statistics, etc.
However, it should be noted that for solving math problems with ChatGPT, you must accurately present mathematical questions. Also, it is better to use the help of a teacher, professor, or math problem-solving software for more complex issues.

28- How can I install ChatGPT plugins?

Installing ChatGPT plugins depends on the type of plugin and the system being used. These plugins are designed to add ChatGPT functionality to various websites and applications. Below are the installation methods for two types of ChatGPT plugins for websites and mobile applications:
A-ChatGPT plugins for websites:
To install ChatGPT plugins for websites, you can use tools and plugins available in content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla. Some ChatGPT plugins designed for websites can be manually installed using HTML codes.
Some ChatGPT services also provide browser extensions for use on websites. In this case, you only need to install this extension in your browser and then configure the ChatGPT plugin using the user guide.
B-ChatGPT plugins for mobile applications:
To install ChatGPT plugins for mobile applications, you can use the relevant libraries for your programming language. Some of these libraries include Dialogflow and Botpress.
Some ChatGPT services offer APIs for use in mobile applications. In this case, implementing the relevant service APIs in your application is sufficient as a ChatGPT plugin.
It should be noted that implementing ChatGPT plugins may be complex for some users due to the need for technical knowledge and programming skills.

29- Are ChatGPT extensions free?

Yes, some ChatGPT extensions are free for popular web browsers. However, some others require payment. Generally, ChatGPT extensions aim to allow users to communicate with a chatbot or response system to answer their questions using a simple and user-friendly interface.
Some of the free ChatGPT extensions include:
A-AI Chatbot: A free extension for the Google Chrome browser allows users to ask questions and receive answers from a chatbot.
B-Talk to Transformer: A free web browser extension that uses GPT-2 from OpenAI to allow users to generate sentences using natural language processing.
C-Cleverbot: A free extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers that allows users to chat with a chatbot on various topics, including technology, travel, money, emotions, and many more.
It should be noted that most of these extensions may have limitations on usage, and you may need to pay to access additional features.

30-Is ChatGPT open source?

No, ChatGPT is not open source. ChatGPT was developed by OpenAI and is sold as a commercial product.

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