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Transform Your Body with the Power of the Mind

How to cure your illness with the power of the mind?

Do you think our thoughts and feelings can affect our bodies?
Have you ever thought that maybe the discomforts and emotions I have had in the past have caused illness in my body?

Maybe the doctor told you that “worrying about the future has caused your nerve pain”?
Can we have a healthy body by thinking and changing our thoughts and feelings?

In fact, many diseases are caused by a person’s discomforts and emotional reactions that remain in those feelings for a long time, the result of which has shown itself in the form of illness.

If you can use the power of your mind, you can speed up your body’s healing process and get healthy faster. But how? In this article, we will learn how to have a healthy body by focusing on thoughts and mind power.

How does our body work?

First of all, we should get acquainted with the way the body works and see how our body works so that in the rest of the article, we can explain the effect of the power of the mind on the body.

If we want to understand this issue entirely, we have to go to many books that are out of the main discussion of this article. But we will briefly mention one of the essential features of our body, “Proteinization.”

Yes, our body is a protein-making machine.
The first question that comes to our minds is: “What is protein, and how does it work in our body?” As the largest macromolecule in the body, protein is one of the essential components of the body, which plays a vital role in the body.

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These substances are composed of a sequence of amino acid chains that, based on the type of protein, the number of these amino acids can reach several thousand. Proteins have different functions according to their type and location.

Proteins are the raw materials that our body uses to build coherent three-dimensional structures (our physical anatomy). The functions and complex interactions of the body’s physiology are also based on proteins.

Proteins control our immune system, digest our food, heal our wounds, catalyze chemical reactions, maintain the body’s structural integrity, provide supermolecules for intercellular communication, and much more. In short, proteins are the expression of life (and the health of our body).

So far, the definition of protein is enough; now, it is necessary to get acquainted with another concept called “DNA.
DNA is the molecule that encodes the genetic instructions used in the development and function of all known organisms.

To put it more simply, in each of our cells, the information in DNA is used to make proteins. Our DNA makes proteins using the recipes stored in each of its sequences.

We should get acquainted with another concept called “gene”: a gene is a part of DNA located on one strand of it, and each gene has its function. Genes control all cell traits, and the role of cells is determined with the help of genes and proteins made from them.

Well, in order not to get confused, everything you need to know before continuing the article is written below, and if you only understand this paragraph, it is enough: “In all our cells, there is DNA, which DNA, using genes, can produce different proteins with different functions, and these genes and proteins control our immune system, digest our food, repair our wounds, and catalyze chemical reactions. “They maintain the body’s structural integrity, provide excellent molecules for intercellular communication, and do many other things.”

Genes cooperate systematically; that is, many genes are expressed (on) or suppressed (off) simultaneously inside the cell; The combination of genes that are on at one moment produces all the proteins we need for life.

In fact, genes are classified according to the type of stimulus that can turn them on and off. For example, experience-dependent genes or activity-dependent genes are activated when we have novel experiences, learn new information, and are healing.

By synthesizing different proteins and chemical peaks, these genes instruct the stem cells to transform into the needed cells and heal the body.Next, we want to discuss how our minds and thoughts can affect our genes and the production of proteins in our bodies.

Changing the body just by thinking

Usually, when we hear the name of a hereditary disease, this concept comes to mind “When a hereditary disease is in our family. Unfortunately, this disease will also affect my child and grandchildren.”

Most people, without knowing the ability and power of their minds and thoughts, have accepted the mistaken belief that our genetic destiny is predetermined and that if we have inherited genes for a specific type of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, or other diseases, We will have no control over it.

But that’s not the case. Research has shown that less than 5% of the planet’s population is born with genetic diseases – such as type 1 diabetes, Down syndrome, or sickle cell anemia. The other 95% get these diseases only because of their mind, lifestyle, and behavior.

In a study conducted on identical twins, their health indicators were examined from the age of 3 to 70 years, and they found that since they were separated, their health indicators also changed together and according to their thoughts, behavior, and lifestyle. They suffer from various diseases.

So our thoughts, feelings, and reactions to our surroundings determine the type of genes, the production of proteins, and the level of health.Today, scientists believe that our genes may be changing moment by moment. Research shows that our thoughts, feelings, and activities—our choices, behaviors, and experiences—significantly affect our body’s healing and regeneration.

Therefore, your genes are influenced by your interactions with family, friends, and colleagues, spiritual activities, sexual habits, the amount of exercise, and the type of detergent you use.

New research shows that about 90 percent of genes interact with environmental signals. If we say that our experiences affect many of our genes, then our upbringing influences our nature. Now why don’t we use the power of these ideas and increase our health and reduce our dependence on doctors with everything we can?

According to new scientific ideas, people can change their genes in a single generation. Genetic evolution can take thousands of years, but changing behavior or gaining novel experiences can change the type of gene in minutes, and this change can be passed on to the next generation.

Due to the power of the mind and various environmental factors that program our genes, we can turn some genes on and some off, thus changing our genetic destiny.

We know that “we determine the type of genes, protein production, and health level with our thoughts, feelings, and lifestyle.” Pay attention to a few essential points:

1-We can activate genes before experiencing an event and adapt our bodies accordingly. So if we want to realize a dream, we can prepare our body in advance for that event and activate the related genes by creating a state of existence using imagery and meditation.

2-If our former genes are constantly activated and remain on, the gene will wear out after some time, and aging will happen in this way.

So if we get involved in our routine life and keep creating the same old feelings and thoughts, our body will keep activating the same ancient genes and producing the old proteins, the gene will be worn out, and our body’s immunity will decrease.

Now that you are well acquainted with the effect of the mind and thoughts on the type of genes and the production of proteins let’s go deeper into this issue and examine the path that goes from the generation of thoughts to the change of our body and realize the power of the mind.

How to change our bodies with the power of mind and thinking?

Well, we want to mentally visualize the event we want to experience in the future, such as physical health or anything else, and see how these thoughts and feelings we create in ourselves will change our bodies.
First, we close our eyes and imagine the image of the desired event with all the details, So our brain does not feel the difference between this image and a real experience.

Then, by visualizing the desired event, we create sublime feelings, such as gratitude, happiness, peace, etc., in ourselves. When we consciously combine our desired event with a high emotional state such as happiness or gratitude and create this new emotion in ourselves and become more excited, we are drowning our body in neuro-chemical substances that, if the desired event is realized, in our body will be produced.

We are tasting the future experience in our bodies. Our brains and bodies don’t know the difference between real-life experiences and thinking about those experiences – neurochemically, the two are the same.

So our brain and body believe they are experiencing the desired event in the present moment.Crucially, if we keep our focus on this future event and don’t let other thoughts distract us, within moments, the volume of our old self’s neural circuits will decrease, and this will turn off our old genes. We can then fire and wire new circuits, providing the right signals to activate new genes in new ways.

Many experiments on mental recall show that when a person focuses on a specific part of their body, their thoughts trigger the part of the brain that controls that part of the body – and if the person continues to do so, physical changes.
When you think about something, feel emotions, and experience an event, whether pleasant or unpleasant, you implement epigenetic engineering processes on your cells.

So your destiny is in your own hands.Now that you know how your thoughts affect the health of your body and that it is your thoughts, emotions, and lifestyle that determines the type of your genes, then make a promise to yourself now that you will not get stuck in emotions such as anger, arrogance, hatred, etc., because the first person who will be affected by these feelings is you and your body will get sick.

We can not experience emotions like fear and anger because we need them. But not dwelling on these emotions is a tremendous improvement.

To maximize our health, we must consciously cultivate positive heart emotions such as gratitude, joy, excitement, enthusiasm, fascination, glory, desire, wonder, confidence, gratitude, and kindness. Let’s focus on compassion and strength.

In this case, with the help of our thoughts and the power of our mind, we can heal diseases and achieve a healthier body than ever.In this article, we discovered that we could use the power of the mind to change the type of our genes and reach a life full of health. Also, don’t forget that staying in negative thoughts and emotions will disturb the coherence of the body and lead to physical diseases.

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