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If you're one of those who feel tired in the mornings after waking up from a night's sleep, read this article

How to wake up refreshed in the morning without morning fatigue?

Today is one of those days that even though you feel you slept well at night, you feel tired in the morning. Here are some tips for treating morning fatigue.

Try these tips to wake up refreshed and energized every morning.These points are wholly scientific and have been proven many times.

Maybe you don’t need all of these tips, but by trying them all, you will understand where your problem is, and you will know yourself little by little, and when this happens, you will be able to provide conditions to wake up completely refreshed in the morning.

1- The first tip to combat morning fatigue: Wake up with the first alarm and never sleep again.

Although scientists recommend not using an alarm clock to wake up in the morning and let your body wake up if you have to ring your watch or phone, wake up as soon as it rings.

Maybe it happened to you that you repeatedly turned off the alarm clock and went back to sleep. But the sleep you continue after the first alarm is scientifically useless and makes you tired.

So when the clock rings, don’t think I’m very sleepy; let me sleep a little more because this sleep is practically useless for you.

Once you wake up in the morning, continuing to do so will lead you to an inappropriate sleep that will make you more tired during the day instead of compensating for your lack of sleep. Scientists have recognized that humans sleep in cycles of one and a half hours at night.

It means that you are in a deep sleep for an hour and a half, and then you don’t sleep like that for a few minutes, and after a few minutes, you enter a deep sleep for an hour and a half.

Those who wake up a lot during the night, even if they sleep for many hours, because they may wake up in the middle of these cycles of one and a half hours, will not have enough sleep.

The more you have a cycle of one and a half hours without waking up, the better you will sleep.To even add a complete cycle to your sleep, you can set the alarm for an hour and a half before the time you want to wake up and the next alarm for an hour and a half after. In this case, you deliberately make yourself have a complete sleep cycle.

2- Drink water as soon as you wake up

After a few hours of sleep, your body needs water. Although many people do not feel thirsty when they wake up in the morning after a whole night’s sleep, you should drink a glass of water anyway. In addition to being good for your health, this will help your body wake up earlier and stay drowsy less.

3- After waking up, do stretching exercises

Many of us automatically tend to stretch when we wake up in the morning, and this is due to the numbness of the muscles during sleep. By increasing the amount of these stretches, you release the energy of the forces, and the more you do it, the more refreshed you will feel.

4- Wash your face

Some people use cold water baths after waking up. Research has shown that taking a cold water bath at the beginning of the day boosts your energy and has many other health benefits. But if you don’t feel like doing this first thing in the morning, then at least wash your face.

5 – Eat breakfast

You may remember arguing with your mother about whether or not to eat breakfast since you were a child. If you didn’t listen to your mother’s advice to eat breakfast, at least consider the scientific research that says eating breakfast is necessary to have energy for the body.

Many may not feel hungry in the morning, but you should overcome this feeling and eat a proper breakfast for your health and well-being.

6- Don’t eat sweet things first thing in the morning

Well, sugar or anything sweet you eat first thing in the morning might keep you energetic for the first hour or two, but after that, you will feel tired and without energy. Jam, sweet tea, high sugar, etc., are not good options for your breakfast.

7- Consume less tea and coffee

If you have noticed, we did not say not to drink tea and coffee. Instead, we only said to consume less because caffeine in small amounts can benefit your health and well-being.
But the problem starts when caffeine consumption exceeds a certain amount; it loses its energizing properties and cannot work correctly for you.

8 – Get outside and activate your brain

When you go outside first thing in the morning, your brain releases a lot of serotonin, making you more energetic during the day and sleep better at night.

As soon as you wake up, close the curtains so that enough light reaches you and your brain receives the message that it is morning and when it is time to wake up and overcome the feeling of sleepiness.

9 – Have a goal that you are passionate about

Maybe this point is not about your health, nutrition and physical condition, but be sure that one of the best solutions to wake up refreshed is to have a correct goal for your life.

A goal that makes you want to wake up. To understand this point, compare two days of your life. One day you’ll wake up and have nothing exciting to do.

You’re just supposed to wake up and go about your tedious job. Well, in that case, be sure that you are more interested in sleeping than waking.

But you are going on an exciting trip tomorrow. You know that you don’t even need an alarm clock. You wake up completely refreshed before the deadline and start your life. Now suppose that all your days are like this. The days when you wake up enthusiastically and go after the goals and dreams that have always been important to you.

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