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How to know if a job is worth your time

The biggest mistake young people make in finding a job-How to know if a job is worth your time

Imagine these situations that usually happen to you before you find a job:

1- The money in your pocket is low, and you don’t have money to charge your phone!

2- You pass by your favourite boutique daily and can’t reach into your pocket and buy what you want because you need money!

3- You want to change your phone, but your bank account is empty

Maybe you have thought of moving passengers and doing odd jobs to earn money, or perhaps you want to stay at home and just type, but here we tell you why this way of thinking can easily ruin your future.

The biggest mistake young people make in finding a job: Choosing and finding work is for short-term gain

Youth is a difficult time. You want many things, you have many dreams, and at the same time, you are in financial trouble and confusion. Many young people in this situation try to engage in trivial work to earn money and support their lives.

Why is entering a job for money the biggest mistake? When you enter a job just for the money, you have done a dangerous thing with your youth. You are destroying your youth with your own hands.

Many of the successful people you see in their thirties may not have had any particular income at a young age, research shows, and you know that most people’s income usually occurs at the age of 35 and beyond.

But these same people have jobs to reach these incomes, often resulting from what they learned in their youth. The result of those who met them when they were young, the result of the opportunities that happened to them when they were young, and they appreciated it.

I know that money is an essential part of life, and it’s hard to live with an empty pocket in this situation; you would like to do anything to put some money in your pocket and get yourself out of this situation.But what you’re doing here is sacrificing your long-term future for short-term happiness now.

Well, with these conditions, questions may arise in your mind:

1- What should we do that will have the most efficiency?

2- How do we know that a job in the future will be the most profitable for our lives?

3- What are the characteristics of jobs that have a promising future?

Why should you pay attention to the future? This is a question that many young people struggle with. Most young people live with this mindset: let’s have fun now and think about it later.

But if you ask those older than you, most will answer that this thinking will soon lead you into a swamp where you will drown. Youth is the best opportunity to build an ideal working life. It may be easy to leave the burden of future responsibility when you are young, but always remember that life will face you with more challenges after each year.

If you have spent time having fun instead of strengthening yourself and building a career, you will soon realize that you will have to suffer for the rest of your life.

Before entering any job, consider what kind of capital your desired position will have for your future.Because these funds will become the strong foundations of your future career.

Good jobs will provide you with good funds. We usually divide these funds into the following categories:

1- Capital in learning knowledge, skills, art, etc.

2- Capital in the form of people, human resources and networking

3-Capital of the type of personality growth

Any job that has more funds will be a better option.

1- Capital in the form of learning knowledge, skill, and art

Suppose we have two friends named George and Peter. None of them has special skills or talents, And now they want to think about their lives.

George decides to work in a restaurant.By doing this, George can earn money every day. He is happy about this. At the end of every day, he calculates and sees that his money is not much, but he can have fun with it now.

On the other hand, we have Peter. Peter has also collected some money and decides to learn an iPhone repair course; with this money, he goes to a large iPhone repair centre, talks to them and starts an apprenticeship.Peter coming home at night, may not have any money in his pocket.

His money may have decreased. He may not do anything special in the short term. Not have any income. But he is a bit more forward-thinking than his friend George.

He knows that he can make good money when he learns this skill.He can start learning about repairs, and maybe in the next year or two, he will be in the service market himself, or he can even have his shop.Well, this is a simple example to get the point of my talk. I was hoping you would not get too involved in the details of my words.

This type of capital can have different styles, such as:

The skills you get in interacting with customers and getting to know people

Technical, artistic, market and sports skills are all considered as this type of capital.

Knowledge, lessons, science, and any kind of knowledge, even self-taught, can be found in this branch.

2- Capital in the form of people, human resources and networking

Many people who start an internship somewhere can get good jobs there with the help of those they know. Research shows that most of the recruitment takes place in a network. Someone introduces someone else, and this networking plays a significant role in recruitment.

You can have better business and friendly relations with more people when you work in a place. Indeed, these connections can help you a lot in the near or even distant future.

Communication is one of the most essential topics to pay attention to at a young age.If you can make good connections in the matter of work for yourself, You can certainly hope for a brighter future.

It does not mean that you use people as a means to get you to your goals. This is help from those who trust you and your personality and skills and provide you with more opportunities.

You may do the same for others.These communications cannot only have a business aspect. You can find permanent friends in a good environment.

Gather some better people around you to be more satisfied with them.Remember to take communication as seriously as you can. When you enter a work environment, pay attention to the people you are dealing with.

3- Capital of the type of personality development

Many people ignore this factor, but the environment in which you start working can develop personality skills that make you a strong person who can quickly build a promising future for yourself.

When you enter the workplace at a young age, the last thing you must be concerned about is money. When you choose a path that may have little cash but know will be better for you in the future, you can be sure that you will get a better result.

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