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Investigating the reasons for the war between Russia and Ukraine

Why does America benefit from the war between Russia and Ukraine?

Events in the world, such as war, negotiation, etc., are planned and designed by certain people and are implemented step by step to reach their final goal.

These people have power and social media and can direct the world’s thoughts in a specific direction. In this article, we will briefly examine the past of America to understand the root of the war between Russia and Ukraine. The future is repeating history.

The economic recession of the United States began in October 1929 and brought the country’s economy to the brink of collapse. The United States stock market fell, many factories and factories in the United States were closed because there was no demand for their products.

During the depression years, this country used all economic principles and rules to escape this crisis, but none were effective. At this time, World War II started under the leadership of Hitler and with the support of the United States.

Since this war started, the United States took over the supply of weapons needed by all the countries involved in the war and, in the meantime, allocated the largest share to the attacking nation, Germany.

During this time, the United States reopened many closed factories to provide food and clothing for the war-torn people and create jobs for millions of unemployed. In this way, it was able to get out of the economic recession and revive the economic wheels.

The story of the Bretton Woods conference and the choice of the dollar as the currency of exchange around the world

World War II devastated Europe and left Europe with a bankrupt and indebted economy. On the contrary, the war’s gift to America, away from the battlefield, was prosperity and economic prosperity.

The US had exported large amounts of goods and services to Europe and other parts of the world during the war, and as a result, these countries were in debt to the US and needed more loans to rebuild their countries.

In July 1944, when Germany and the Allies were on the verge of collapse due to America’s entry into the war, the President of the United States (Roosevelt) gathered 730 people from 44 countries in a conference called Bretton Woods.

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Harry Dexter White was the representative of the United States at the Bretton Woods Conference. At this conference, he suggested using the dollar as the base currency for international exchanges and that the dollar price be equal to a certain amount of gold.

He also guaranteed the amount of gold needed for all these dollars.The countries participating in this conference had no choice but to accept this proposal because the affected countries needed loans for reconstruction.

On the other hand, if the suggestion of the United States was not approved, this country would give up continuing the war with the Allies, and the fate of the war would change.In this way, the proposal of the United States was approved, and the American delegation pledged to place gold as the support of the dollar and maintain the parity rate of each ounce of gold at 35 dollars.

This action put the dollar as the base currency in all global transactions.Please pay attention to this example: in exporting goods from Russia to China, the Russian merchant does not accept Chinese Yuan; he takes Russian rubles or US dollars, and on the other hand, The Chinese businessman does not have Russian rubles has to trade in dollars.

These conditions cause the Chinese government to always need significant exchange dollars for its country’s imports. Still, the United States does not provide these dollars to the countries for free but imports goods or services in return, which causes a lot of profit for the United States.

With the increasing growth of global transactions, the stock of gold stored in the United States was less than the market’s needs, which led to the formation of a black market.In this situation, the trading gold rate was higher than the rate approved by Bretton Woods (35 dollars).

Due to the significant reduction in the US gold reserve, the President of the United States (Richard Nixon) unilaterally canceled the law of equating each ounce of gold with 35 dollars. In this way, the dollar empire collapsed.

The return of the dollar as the base currency in oil exchanges (petrodollar):

This story could not continue, and American politicians started working again. Their strategy was to create a war in the Middle East.

The war of 1973 between the Arabs and Israel took place intending to save the dollar. When the war started, the Arab countries cut off their oil exports, and this is what the Zionists wanted. When the price of oil quadrupled, the value of the American currency also quadrupled.Oil rose from $40 to $160 per barrel.

The Arab countries became four times richer. At this time, the United States sent Henry Kissinger to King Faisal of Saudi Arabia and told him that all he had to do to become more prosperous was Sell his oil only in dollars.

King Faisal accepted this request, which was the beginning of the petro-dollar. In a word, the petro-dollar means buying and selling global crude oil using dollars.

Once again, the US dollar became the basis of international transactions, but this situation could not last forever.Europe made the first move to get out of this dominance.

The printing of the Euro in 2002 was the first move to remove this dominance. At the same time, other competitors, such as fast-growing China and assertive Russia, were endangering this dominance. The United States had to design a plan to maintain the petro-dollar, so the initial idea of war in Europe started from the time of the creation of the Euro.

After the Orange Revolution, a pro-American and anti-Russian government came to power in Ukraine, Ukraine became heavily armed in 2014, and everything went towards a major conflict.

This conflict is crucial to the interests of the United States.In any case, this war was based on the pretext of Crimea from the side of Ukraine and NATO; Russia started the war 1-2 years earlier to create a chance for its survival. Russia attacked Ukraine and was recognized as the aggressor in this war.

With this war:
1- Europe, which was close to Russia due to cheap gas, is moving away from it
2- Russia’s resources are spent on the war with a big country like Ukraine
3- The euro weakens 4- Arms sales will increase in the world

This war benefits the United States, but if there is a war with China as another powerful competitor, it will be great for the United States.

The United States must be able to maintain the petrodollar and eliminate competitors. If it succeeds, it will form an empire that will last centuries. If the dollar is harmed, the power of the United States will decrease.

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